The Secret Behind Commercial Dog Foods – How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Dog

Dog foods have been established for many years providing your four-legged friend the origin of energy that they can need as well as the important nourishment that make their fur shine providing them with the look of a pampered pet. But unknown to the majority of pet owners, a couple of commercial commercial dog food companies report that many are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced. Most are true try not to you want to know the hidden ingredients that they can contain?

Here would be the shockers:

-Preservatives with 6 deadly chemicals

-the processed feces (crap) of other dead animals

-the decaying carcasses of dead dogs, cats, zoo animals and animal control

-the deadly poison, Sodium Pentobarbital, utilized to eliminate the animals by lethal injection

The ingredients mentioned above will slowly you could make your dog sick and eventually they’re going to die. If you carry on and feed your pet using these, you personaly are slowly killing your canine. You’re giving your pet cancer, major organ failure, body’s defence mechanism collapse, blindness, behavioral problems, and even more illnesses.

Not just that. Ever heard of the pet food industry’s sinister ‘Protein-Scam’? A loophole is heartlessly exploited by companies allowing them to put in a cheap type of protein containing almost zero vitamins and minerals with a dog as an alternative to essential animal protein your dog needs to survive.

The long-term symptoms of eating this sort of fake-protein include, although not limited to:

-Weak or deformed bones

-Chronic skin and ear infections

-Chronic flea and worm infestations

-Epilepsy and cancer


-Aggression and

-An impaired ability to heal from wounds.

Dogs aren’t immortals. They can die, but at the very least do not let them die young. This is what you have to do starting today if you want your puppy to call home longer:

1. Stop using commercial pet food as your dog’s only or main source of food.

Organic and home-made pet foods have been more nutritional than their commercial counterpart. They are also way much safer.

2. Learn how to see commercial dog food labels.

Examine each pack closely for that the different parts of the food. Knowing how to learn labels gives your puppy the most nutrients that it can get.

3. Get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes and commence feeding your puppy home-made food.

There are lots of e-books on the net about dog food recipes. This way, you can be sure that your pet is eating a good and nutritious meal.

A lot of human lives were saved by dogs. Let us save them also. Prevent your dog from dying prematurely.