Maltese Grooming Tips: Caring for Coat, Ears, and Nails

The Maltese breed has been in existence for years and years but just has recently be a very well liked pet for your average pet owner.

Maltese are renowned because of their small size, gentle nature, as well as their long silky hair that covers their body from head to feet. Because of this luxurious hair coat, the Maltese can require some extra care there are a couple of specific tricks for grooming your Maltese that all owner should be aware of.

Caring for Silky Hair Coat

The long silky coat of locks are the logical place to begin when caring for your Maltese. Keeping the coat brushed often, at the very least almost daily, is vital to avoid problems for example mats from developing. Once mats develop in the coat, they could be challenging to remove without removing the head of hair.

Try and untangle the mat personally first and then loosen using a comb. If all else fails then this only solution is to cut the mat out. Regular coat maintenance can lead to good coat condition as well as the avoidance of mat problems.

Tips for Handling Ears

An very important area where many Maltese have problems could be the ears. The long silky coat the Maltese is acknowledged for, also causes problems in the ears. The breed gets the downside of having droopy ears and plenty of hair inside ears. This can lead to numerous problems and infections.

The extra hair inside ears causes a buildup of wax be a catalyst for irritation as well as the dogs further aggravation with the situation by scratching with the ear.

Checking the ears no less than once per week is suggested by most veterinarians to inspect for wax buildup or irritation. If there is lots of hair within the ear then trimming carefully with a few blunt end scissors may be the best strategy to get rid of it.

Should there be wax buildup, then employing a dry Q-tip to remove it must be done promptly. Any strong odors or inflammation inside the ear must be addressed by the veterinarian immediately. Grooming your Maltese regularly should assist in avoiding problems inside ears.

Trimming Those Toenails

Trimming the toenails on the Maltese should be done each and every time you’re planning on grooming your Maltese. The nails about this breed tend to grow quickly. Many Maltese are indoor pets and so haven’t much opportunity to wear down their nails on hard outdoor surfaces. Not trimming their nails can bring about your dogs injuring themselves by scratching or causing foot problems as a result of ingrown nails.

Avoiding these problems is straightforward providing their nails are trimmed every a fortnight approximately. Using a pair of good quality dog nail clippers, clip perpendicular towards the nail just in front with the quick.

In most dogs, the fast is where the circulation for the nail ceases which will be seen as a color change inside nail. In dogs with black nails, use caution and trim just a little bit with the nail at a time and soon you begin to visit a little pink color. Then it is time and energy to stop.

Grooming your Maltese often will assist you to dog avoid common health conditions that frequently have to be treated by way of a veterinarian. Make sure that you pay close attention to the condition of your Maltese’s ears and nails. Combing and bathing on a regular basis help keep their coats shiny and white. Take care of your Maltese, and your Maltese will return the favor when you are a great companion animal for quite some time to come.