Pros and Cons of Making Your Own Dog Food

The pros and cons of earning your own personal dog food are time vs. health. Is there more? Of course. Here’s the main difference between home made and commercial dog foods in addition to some insider tricks should you lack time or hate cooking.

Dog Food Manufacturers would like your money. There is no law that says their commercials have to be truthful. Amazing huh? Let’s use some wise practice. How can a bit dried brown nugget be much better than table scraps of meat, veggies and salad? They can’t but we take up it hook, line and sinker don’t we? We are superior with homemade food or an extremely expensive trustworthy brand.

Commercial dog food is cooked and processed so much, there’s rarely any vitamins and minerals inside. There are some exceptions, but you need to pay for them so you won’t find them at any grocery or discount stores.

By making your own pet food not only do you know what’s inside it, however, you can incorporate many leftovers. By using different kinds of meats, vegetables, grains and even beans after a while gives our dogs various nutrients, which adds up to positive things.

Those positive things mean better health insurance and less trips towards the vet.

There are numerous good books to see on the subject, and a lot of free homemade commercial dog food recipes on the web. A little education may go further. You will find conflicting information but good sense and a bit homework is likely to make a whole lot of difference inside your dog’s general health.

If you’d want to try raw dog food recipes, you will find those too. Possibilities abound. Many people who feed raw meat with their dogs discourage grains as being unnatural. That is not entirely true. Grains should be cooked whole grains. In the wild, dogs would travel great distances and employ much energy looking for their next meal. Our dogs don’t need the maximum amount of meat since they have a tendency to travel in the sofa on the food bowl or through the house to the dog park via the family car.

If you never cook or don’t want to cook you can find businesses that make a number of nutritious mixes you can to meat you purchase on the supermarket. This takes just one or two seconds greater than pouring dog kibble right into a bowl so you don’t need to bother about adding vitamins, minerals and supplements. Easy.

You could even look for a dog deli your geographical area and order fresh ground meat mixtures.

Keep in mind the most negative part of creating your own dog food is the time spent deciding on the right recipes in your case plus your lifestyle.

For me, after serving a variety of raw and cooked dog foods to my crew of five for the past couple of years, the effort has become worthwhile. Especially with ‘the old man’.The sight of a ten-year-old dog acting and playing just like a puppy again is completely magical.