How to Make Your Own Dog Food – 2 Easy Recipes

With all the problems that have been taking place using the commercially produced dog food, it is no wonder that more and more people are pondering how to produce your own commercial dog food. Luckily, it’s extremely all to easy to do and takes as few as one hour monthly! The basic ratio to be aware of is dog food should be roughly a third starch, 1 / 3rd vegetables, and 1 / 3 cooked meat. The starch and meat should be cooked, the vegetables are usually that should be left raw. Here is a basic recipe:

1 lb. ground beef

1 lb. cooked rice

1 lb. raw carrots

Combine each of the ingredients in the food processor, using water or broth to adjust the texture as necessary. You want that it is the consistency of wet sand, not only a paste. Once it’s all regulated the best consistency, roll the meals into portion size balls (the portion dimension is depending on the size your puppy) and freeze.

Whenever you wish to feed your puppy, simply microwave among the balls and your dog can enjoy some warm, appropriate food choices. That’s one simple way to generate your own commercial dog food, here is yet another quick recipe.

Simply use your leftovers! You have to be a little careful, because dogs can’t have things such as garlic, onions, or dairy; so look out for those. Take cooked pasta, cooked hamburger meat, and whatever vegetable you’ve got with your fridge (carrots or celery are excellent) and stick to the same procedure as before.

Now you know how to generate your own personal dog food, the very next time is definitely to find different recipes. Your dog won’t get fed up with this food, but you’ll likely get fed up with making a similar thing every week. Cookbooks are available, but could be costly.