Homemade Dog Food: The Best Option for Your Dog’s Health

In today’s fast moving information society everyone is quickly becoming educated and knowledgeable. What we feed our dogs is certainly one of those locations dog owners are very becoming very alert to laptop computer. Dog owners are not sheep being lead with the creative marketing and labeling of economic dog food companies.

Dog owners are recognizing the dangers and risks of feeding an advertisement based diet. After the many recalls and headlines of pets dying due to negligence by commercial dog food companies, pet owners are not sitting back and accepting kibble as their canine’s only dietary option. Consumers are getting savvier than previously. It wasn’t that sometime ago that puppy owners begun to really read the labels and even determine what was in Fido’s food. They knew they planned to see meat listed first and also to avoid corn. Now they’re learning that is not enough.

Dog food companies discover how we shop this will let you few tricks they normally use to misrepresent many. By listing meat because first or second ingredient on his or her labels commercial dog food companies lead consumers to feel that meat is the main protein source of their food. But in actuality, meat plays virtually no role in providing any nutritional value for a dog. Most of the protein actually comes from plant based sources. Plant based protein sources have become economical for commercial dog food manufacturers and assist to boost the protein stats on their labels.

If you think about it, it actually is really a large amount of sense that there will be little or no real meat found in kibble. Meat is approximately 70%-75% water, so how can a kibble nugget be dry and hard? Because there is hardly any meat inside it, and in its place you have; soy, soybean meal, soy flour, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten and brewers rice along with a host of preservatives and dyes to mention just a few. All those ingredients offer the best of both worlds for commercial dog food companies; an affordable source for protein that means it is feasible for them to fool consumers into thinking they may be getting something that they aren’t.

No matter how good the kibble is, it is still the worst dietary option for your puppy. Dogs require a high protein low carbohydrate diet and the ingredients in commercial pet food usually are not providing that. In fact every one of the ingredients placed in the last paragraph could be seriously harming your canine. A dog’s gastrointestinal tract cannot handle grains, and many of the plant based proteins that is certainly dominate in kibble emanates from grains. The soy ingredients are horrible for any dog’s disease fighting capability as well as proper kidney function. The preservatives and dyes are loaded in carbohydrates which create a dog to around eat, and also dehydrate them. Wheat gluten, corn gluten and brewers rice all result in a great number of health problems but allergies can be a major unwanted effect your pet dog can expect when consuming these.

The risk to a puppy’s well-being and health are just not worth every penny, specially when you will find easily available alternatives. Dogs happen to be experiencing humans for the long time of course, if you truly contemplate it eating commercial dog food has only been a very recent thing for the kids, considering how much time they are already your furry friend. The domesticated canine has survived when you eat the food we eat; it’s holistic for the children than the usual bowl of kibble. Preparing your dogs meals following simple homemade recipes with ingredients that provide proper nutrition is one of the best things that that can be done for his or her overall stay healthy.