Dog Food Tips 2 – Daily Dog Care Series

In my previous article I discussed foods which are bad for dogs. However, many pet owners want to understand what foods are good for their pets. In this article, I will give you some pointers on good commercial dog food.

Generally speaking, the best dog food is natural food as opposed to dry pet food. Nowadays, more and more people are eating natural foods, why must this exclude dogs?

Natural foods that are beneficial to dogs


Pumpkin is extremely nutritious. It contains huge amounts of vitamin A, fiber and potassium. Fiber should be used in dog’s diet and potassium is best for hypertension. Besides, pumpkin has far fewer calories than normal canine, so that it will help your overweight dog lose fat.


An apple a day keeps the physician away. Apple is quite beneficial to human and it’s also also beneficial to your pets. Apples are filled with vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber which are best for dog’s health. Apples with all the skin on are brimming with plant chemicals that are thought to be protective against some types of cancer in dogs.


Yogurt contains calcium and protein. When you feed your dog yogurt you should choose one which includes no sugars or sugar substitutes. If your pet has flatulence or allergies, you can test yogurt on its food. Moreover, dogs prefer frozen yogurt in summer.

Cooked egg

Cooked eggs are good for dogs, but raw eggs may cause biotin deficiency. Cooked eggs contain protein, selenium and riboflavin. They also can give your puppy somewhat boost if it’s vulnerable to digestive upset.