Choose the Right Dog Food to Help Keep Your Four Legged Friend Healthy

Dogs have for ages been identified as man’s best friend and also the odds are in case you own a puppy you need to feed him with all the best food for the investment. But does one truly see the nutritional requirements of the dog, or perhaps your buying decision based solely on price? Buying the best commercial dog food won’t actually mean you should find the priciest pet food; there are several commercial products available that supply a total, nutritionally balanced meal in each serving. You just must determine what to look out for.

Vitamins and Minerals

Like us, dogs need high levels of minerals and vitamins to remain fit and healthy this also includes things such as zinc and copper. A quality commercial canine will support the right degrees of nutritional supplements and amino acids. Some of these vitamins should be protected to prevent degrading through the manufacturing process. With the appropriate dog food you will not have to offer additional nutritional vitamins for your pet.


Your dog requires some fibre in the diet. It helps the passage of food with the animal’s gastrointestinal system and has an optimistic effect on the well-being of the stomach and bowels. To spot fibre filled products around the ingredients list of your dog’s food consider sugar beet, pea fibre and whole fiber cereals.

Fat and Oil

Your dog can tolerate a good advanced of fat (over humans). However, you’ll want to ensure your dog is well exercised, using the freedom to roam during the day and regular daily walks with you. Dog obesity is about the rise and in case you feel your dog is overweight or inactive your vet may give you advice to feed a “light” dog food product. Oil can be another crucial part of the dog’s diet and a high quality dog food will contain fish oils, which are full of unsaturated fat and help with keeping eyes, bones, teeth and coat healthy.


Animals, like humans, need free usage of clean drinking water. Make sure you happen to be providing a dish brimming with water with every meal, especially individuals are feeding a dry pet food product. Water becomes a lot more important in the event the weather is hot or dog is travelling in the car along with you.

By feeding your canine a top quality commercial canine you happen to be really making certain his diet is tasty, healthy and healthy. Aside from the occasional canine treat you will not need to offer your puppy any other food (especially your left – overs!).