Can Dogs Get Mad Cow Disease From Eating Dog Food?

Many concerned pet owners are wondering, “Can dogs get mad cow disease from eating dog food?” The simple answer is “yes, they can” nevertheless, you need to know more detail so that you can do something about it and protect your loved one dog out of this terrible fate.

First coming from all, many dogs previously gotten mad cow disease from eating pet food. Your vet is more planning to think of it as, “Canine Cognitive Disorder” or “Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome” abbreviated as CD or CDS. However, when autopsies happen to be done, it has been determined to get the same exact thing as mad cow disease.

Governmental agencies are loathe to admit dogs increasingly becoming mad cow disease. From 1991 to 1997, the British Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food withheld the outcome of the study of 444 hunting dogs that clearly indicated that many died of mad cow disease. In fact, it wasn’t until a Norwegian scientist worked out which a golden retriever were dead from mad cow disease to eat pet food created using cattle imported from Britain that they can finally disclosed these records towards the public. The American USDA has not been any better about disclosing information towards the American public and also the commercial dog food industry has kept this hush hush as well. Big money talks. Bottom line, governmental agencies and industry groups are not reliable sources of information about mad cow disease in dogs.

Here’s why your puppy could get mad cow disease from commercial food. Mad cow disease, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), is caused by ingesting abnormal proteins called prions that behave like viruses. These are concentrated in the neural tissue of animals which have died in the disease or were carriers of the disease. These concentrations occur mainly inside the brain and the spinal-cord. To prevent these prions from entering a person’s food supply, most governments all over the world, including the US government and the British government, have banned brains and spinal cords from cattle from being placed into food designed for human consumption. However, they have NOT banned this tissue from being combined with food supplies used in the making of canine. To make matters worse, these prions are really resistant and quite often survive even the intense temperatures employed in rendering factories.

Don’t be fooled into believing that the particular brand of pet food couldn’t contain tainted meat given it most surely could as it’s still legal for pet food to contain brain, spine, and also other neural tissue from cattle. Additionally, cows are not the only animals where this tissue may come from. Euthanized dogs, goats, sheep, road kill, and zoo animals, which could support the deadly prions, can be legally contained in pet food while you will not see these specially on ingredients list! Almost all brands of commercial dog food are susceptible to this type of contamination. In fact, there are only some brands that you could be certain usually do not contain this sort of diseased tissue that could cause mad cow disease in your dog.