Barf Dog Food is Not What You Might Think It Is

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is what BARF commercial dog food represents. You may ask, what exactly is within this mixture? Vegetables, ground bones, raw meat and fruit will be the ingredients.

It is at the 1930’s when companies started producing processed dog food. That is when the standard barf commercial dog food diet disappeared.

Your dogs’ wild ancestors only ate a diet of raw food and bones. Barf diets reverts returning to this diet as what your friend must be eating.

Any homemade dog food or holistic mix doesn’t comply with the barf standards. Barf contains all another animal including muscle meat, fat, organs and bones.

When your meals are raw, and unprocessed the barf diet companies claim it can be filled with enzymes and nutrients which are needed for a dogs’ digestion.

The benefit claims are:

1. No tartar build up about the dogs’ teeth

2. Relief from allergies

3. A more muscular body

4. Elimination of diarrhea and odor

5. Better vitality

6. A stronger immune system

All of the foods you can get from your barf commercial dog food companies are raw, full of living enzymes rather than damaged from the heat of processing. Their selection contains chicken, beef, or lamb.

There are the concerns of health experts and vets that your particular dog will get and transfer salmonella or E. coli from raw food. High degrees of these bacteria have been found in types of this food.

People as well as other animals can be infected by dogs’ that carry these germs. Your dog will not need to display symptoms. Children, the elderly and others with low immunity can die because of these bacteria.

The other acronyms for BARF food are:

– Biologically accepted real food

– Bones and raw flesh

– Bones and raw food

Each the first is individual in the others. Bones and raw flesh believes that dogs should eat what their carnivore ancestors ate, the bones and raw meat in the prey they caught.

Bones and raw food incorporates vegatables and fruits within their food.

Biologically acceptable real food has both with the first two of their food. Supporters on this food feel that this barf pet food may be the only thing to secure your canine.

The debate continues about barf or cooked dog chow.

High around the debate list is bones. Bones become brittle when cooked which enable it to cause injuries in your canine, and also the nutrients are reduced.

Next for the list is raw meat. The people against raw meat say that the enzymes lost in the event the meat is cooked are not essential for your pet. And that raw meat contains bacteria and parasites. The people who make barf chow point out that raw meat now is easier to digest and your puppy needs the enzymes from raw meat. Still the biggest factor is actually the raw meat will surely have bacteria and parasites.

Do not make any decision on barf dog food before conversing with a veterinarian. The differences between barf and commercial dog food are immense. You do have other choices. One is making homemade dog food. This is becoming extremely popular. People feel which they will always know what is within their pet’s food.

Before starting your canine on barf commercial dog food remember it is all totally raw.